If you are thinking, ‘That’s really cheap, I would rather send a ‘proper card’ then there is absolutely nothing to stop you sending one of our cards to yourself and then uploading the image to or cafepress or somesuch and turning it into a cardboard card. That said, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to send an eCard rather than a physical card. You might have left it too late, you might have too many cards to send or maybe you just don’t think the recipient is worth it (I hope this is not the case for mother’s day cards). As the year progresses we will be adding other cards for anything else we can come up with. It  should be pretty obvious how to use the card sender. It is even more obvious how to receive it. Your card will just turn up in your friends email. There are no hoops to jump through, no ‘click here to create an account and get your email’ no record kept of the email address you sent it to that can just read it, bin it and forget it. Please do try and keep it clean though.

If you want to send a different card, Christmas, Einstein’s birthday (March the 14th), Mother’s day etc. you can see the full sized card by clicking on it and then if you click the back button and then click on dot below the image you want to send, that is what will get sent.

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