NAL Constitution

We the members of the National Association of Liars, In order to form a more perfect organisation based on the principles of falsification and obfuscation do hereby, herewith and herein present, offer and proffer this here constitution as a guiding light not only to its membership but to all who seek the path of mendaciousness.

1. The organisation is non-discriminatory on the basis of sex, race or religion. Throughout this document the use of ‘he’ or ‘his’ should be taken to be equally applicable to those of the female persuasion (or none, or anywhere in between). Ethnicity is clearly no barrier to duplicity, and let us not forget that some of the finest liars throughout history have been highly religious, the original head of the Church of England (Henry the Eighth) and Pope Benedict IX being shining examples.

2. It seems somewhat self-defeating to expect the membership to swear allegiance to the principles espoused in this document. Any member worth his salt would swear allegiance to Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy if he were offered a shilling to do so. Therefore although it is expected that this constitution will be followed by the membership it makes no legal claims to that effect. A copy of this document should be available at all formal gathering of the NAL but its absence would not necessarily nullify that event.

3. The foundation of the organisation is fabrication, falsification and obfuscation. The association’s aspiration is the celebration of misinformation and education (via the creation and compilation of innovational documentation) that will be an inspiration to the population. Throughout not only the nation but all of civilization the federation will foster cooperation and good relations, and this declaration of the creation and administration of a confederation and the confirmation of its inauguration is the summation of this proclamation

signaturesApril 1853