Unanswered Emails

Isn’t it annoying when people don’t answer their emails? It seems to happen to me quite a lot recently. Nothing to do with the National Association of Liars but a colleague was having a baby not that long ago (well his wife was) and she was taking rather a long time over it. I helpfully suggested that he got the said wife to do a handstand and whilst she was inverted he applied the Heimlich Manoeuvre. I said it in jest but then I got to thinking that it might even work. It is drug free, would save the NHS millions, avoid unnecessary cesarean sections and even if it didn’t work it would be pretty funny looking so flushed with my own cleverness I immediately sent an email off to the Royal College of Gynaecologists, fully expecting a Nobel Prize for medicine to pop through the letterbox any minute and the ungrateful buggers never even bothered replying to my email. Can you believe it? I dare say one of them snaffled the idea and is currently swaggering about with my damehood.

Well back to the National Association of Liars and I thought it might be rather interesting to have some interviews on the website so I sent an email.

blair letterCan you believe it? I never got a reply. I even voted for him (once). Perhaps it was my fault for forgetting the capital ‘T’ in the subject or maybe he was just abroad somewhere helping the Americans start another war. Anyway, rather than sending another email I decided to lower my sights a bit and sent a very similar email to a less important person.

clegg letterYou will never guess what the reply was. There was no reply! You might think that having banished his party to complete obscurity he would be glad of the publicity but not a bit of it. Well that’s it now. I have had enough of people not replying to their emails. I am never going to send another email ever to anyone again, or reply to one either. It’s no use you trying to convince me otherwise, if you don’t like that idea then you can take it up with those responsible…. Tony Blair, Nick Clegg and The Royal College of Gynaecologists. I would not hold your breath waiting for a reply though.